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Conscious Intention

The project, 'Collaborative Evolution,' aims to explore the complex relationship between species, cosmic phenomena, and the role of non-local, non-dual consciousness in shaping humanity's future. It recognizes that many people feel a deeper purpose that guides them through challenges and opposition. While some can articulate these experiences, the project seeks to broaden the perspective on our collective situation and develop innovative solutions for an uncertain future to reach scale to deliver large groups of people to a heightened state of awareness.


What makes this project unique is the involvement of non-religious and non-spiritual leaders who have a proven ability to help many individuals transition to a higher level of consciousness. This approach reduces the time and cost of achieving this result on a large scale. By including leaders from different backgrounds, the project sets an example for breaking down interfaith barriers and enabling humanity to access the wisdom that arises from this higher consciousness.

Our Objective

Integration of Profound Experiences: Recognizing the potency of experiences like awe, wonder, healing, and luminosity, the project proposes tapping into these occurrences to shape the human future. By integrating contemplative science, entheogens, lucid dreaming, and unitive consciousness, a pathway emerges not only for research but also for contemplative living and inter-spiritual evolution.

Engaging in a significant collective shift in consciousness by employing secular modalities to enhance and maintain elevated states of consciousness. This is meant to serve as an example to exhibit that within diverse traditions, there is a common set of practices achieving similar results. When practiced, these modalities can induce altered states, catalyzing a profound transformation of consciousness. Consequently, this technique holds the potential to be reproduced, expediting the transformation of communities, enabling their stabilized integration into novel levels of attainment that were once beyond reach.

Our Vision

  • Identifying spiritual guides and lineage holders to foster a collaborative sense of belonging and action.

  • Facilitating conferences and retreats for individuals embodying project traits.

  • Developing a replicable model that integrates diverse cultural settings, grounding knowledge acquisition, training, and study in the quantum/unitive/contemplative paradigm.

  • Executing non-exploitative, altruistic, creative projects led by trained teams, drawing working capital to sustain the institution.

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