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Keith Zimmerman


Former CFO and VP Business Development, International Project and Team Development, oversaw completion of a Bon Cultural and Meditation Center in the Nepal Mustang Valley.

After having advised international projects and led diverse teams in the energy sector, I developed a firm belief in the value of practical experience as the most insightful means of learning. I have honed this approach over the years through my work on diverse projects, leveraging local perspectives, and utilizing shared leadership principles, to achieve success in a wide range of international settings.

Having suffered a severe concussion skiing I seemed to find my way to meditation and contemplative practices almost as a matter of fate. While one can, and I have, read tons of material on the subject matter it is only through practice can the experience be realized and incorporated in one's life. Yet no one has sufficient time to explore all that humanity has created over thousands of years, so distilling all that knowledge to focus on critical and practical nuggets is the most effective way to help the many seekers as they attain higher levels of consciousness.

It is my hope that by sharing the essence of advanced contemplative practices more individuals will be offered the opportunity to experience a sense of unitive consciousness and perhaps access the gifts that abound in such a state.

Father Francis Tiso


Father Francis Vincent Tiso (born 19 September 1950) is a Catholic priest, scholar, and writer interested in inter-religious dialogue and Tibetan Buddhism.

I feel extremely fortunate to have obtained my PhD in Christian Theology and Buddhist Studies from Harvard Divinity early in my life. This has permitted a path featuring numerous experiences, and the development of expertise in the field of interreligious dialogue and exchange. Sharing across traditions with sincere focus of mutual understanding truly leads to insight which would not be accessed without such collaboration. Similarly, severing as a Director of Mind and Life Europe I find the relationship and exchange between individuals with different expertise in the areas of neuroscience, spirituality, and philosophy greatly rewarding
and insightful.


Whether it be in support of my written work or commitment to addressing needs of those in my community I find active engagement is critical. Whether it be travel and research in support of my written work or leading activity oriented project supporting those in need in the local community engagement is the embodied practice.

We all make a difference by sharing knowledge, aiding in the development of practice, and encouraging the engagement in beneficial projects and programs, all guided by compassion.


Anatoly Yakorev


The Council of Europe expert, Ethics & compliance, The creator of the Neuro-Reset method that rewires the neural pathways 

Leadership development has evolved from the traditional focus on management skills and leadership behaviors to also include an integration of ethical principles, including a focus on integrity, ethical decision-maker, transparency, and accountability. This approach has been made possible through the adoption of new, scientific discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, and leadership theories.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the most effective leaders are those who operate in a collaborative manner to leverage the entire team and with an understanding of their own emotional and cognitive biases, the ethical implications of their decisions, and the impact their decisions have on others. Helping leaders attain a trauma free and most resilient state in a very simple format based on instant synaptic plasticity has been my objective. The ripple effect of leaders’ transformation positively impacts peers and teams.

It is my observation that only by engaging and taking action can mankind address the many challenges we face. Acting individually and working collectively in teams, we will determine the trajectory of evolution.


Our team is a group of dedicated professionals who tirelessly work at integrating different fields of science and human knowledge.

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