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Collaborative Offering Groups

We are currently organizing a few groups to summarize current understanding and knowledge in a number of key areas that impact human development. The goal is not only to concisely share what is known but also to highlight the areas which remain unknown and to describe the  inter-relations amongst the subject areas. We are seeking both those experts that would have capacity to lead discussion group and project teams in these areas and individuals who either have foundational knowledge in the subject area, are in some form or fashion subjectively practicing in the area or have   While there is a great deal of material published in the multiple sectors of human evolutionary map there is currently lacking an integrated approach reflecting both.

Contact us to join as a collaborator in our groups.

Areas of Interest Include:

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Philosophical Orientation

Distilled to its essence the view one takes regarding Materialism versus Idealism defines how one experiences the world.   The cultural and religious norms that have been propagated incorporate these world views and we will not be able to examine their impact until we have sufficient pliancy to at least acknowledge their importance in the creation of our perception of perception and in turn reality.

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Consciousness and Information Theory

A primary aspect of consciousness is our capacity for awareness and perception. It is the basis upon which we experience and interpret reality yet at a more foundational level consciousness might actually be the basis of reality as opposed to a material result.  Information theory in consciousness seeks to quantify this aspect, exploring the concepts of information and content, storage and process, as well as transmission and reception. It is a way of exploring the ways in which a collective consciousness of which ours is a part can process and structure information and knowledge.

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Essence Traditions – Unitive Awareness

Many of the wisdom traditions share the transcendent ideal in revealing a non-dual unitive consciousness, and this along with contemplative training is a central feature of many of their teachings. This can involve the exploration and cultivation of inner wisdom and the inner self, the realization of oneness with the universe, and the transcendence/dissolution of the ego into a higher state of being.   When accessed, unitive awareness opens to non-local perception and one can obtain information which would not otherwise be accessed.

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Altered States of Consciousness, Visions and Gifts

Meditative – Hypnopompic - Trance States -  Entheogens


Meditative and contemplative practices can lead to alterations in mental processing. While there are a wide variety of altered states of consciousness, from meditative states, hypnopompic trances, hypnotic trances, and altered stated induced by entheogens, we can see common themes and experiences across many of them. Such themes include visions or experiences of altered realities, expanded access to information or awareness outside of normal consciousness, and a sense of spiritual connection or communion with something greater than the self.

These experiences can be life-altering ones, providing a deeper sense of personal growth, a greater sense of spirituality, and in some cases even special abilities such as psychic perception or access to knowledge otherwise unknown.  The elemental forms of visions and are so clearly shared it is perhaps the best area to seek common ground between the traditions and in turn perhaps enable a higher percentage of mankind to experience the unitive state of non-local perception and unitive consciousness.

Meditate at the beach

Synchronicity: Its Implications and Explications

Synchronicities are most easily noticed when you are truly aware in the present moment, recognizing signs and symbols that appear and present themselves to you, and seeing the underlying pattern and meaning behind the events that are unfolding right in front of you. Synchronicities can have many implications and explications. They can indicate the underlying pattern or purpose behind events, the connections between seemingly unrelated events, or the interrelationship of the individual and the universe. Synchronicities can often carry profound messages and insights that can lead to personal growth and transformation and are a clear sign you are aligned with universal intention.

Image by Siim Lukka

Health Science – Mind, Body, Emotion – Interaction  -  Intuitive and Holistic Medicine

There is an increasing evolution of healthcare which includes a greater emphasis on the connection between mind, body, and emotion, and the interaction between various aspects of health and wellbeing. This includes the inclusion of holistic and intuitive medicine, which recognizes the importance of balancing holistic approaches with allopathic science.The primary goal is to enhance clinical outcomes by raising the individual's own natural ability to address the underlying disease through various holistic methods such as using traditional and natural remedies, complementary therapies, and mindfulness practices to support the body's healing processes, in place or in support of allopathic practices and treatment.

Image by Ian Barsby

Personal Development Including Attachment Theory

As we develop our awareness and operate from increasing levels of consciousness we must involve both personal and transcendental aspects to fully develop our self-awareness, self-knowledge, and personal growth. As we develop our spiritual understanding through practices such as meditation and contemplation, and we must also explore the deeper and inner aspects of our identity and being.

However, this exploration should happen within the context of personal development and growth and the exploration of personal psychological and emotional conflicts. The personal journey of individual development is inextricably linked to our transcendental journey, and we need to develop alongside each other for both our inner and outer growth.

A core aspect of our individual development is establish a strong base.   Attachment Theory provides a valuable framework to address personal development traumas that we might not even be aware exist and address any work that is left outstanding.  As Jack Engler stated, “You have to before you can be nobody”.  Engler is referring to the journey of becoming one's true self, a process that involves letting go of our egoic identities and limiting beliefs and becoming fully embodied in our true being.

Image by Papaioannou Kostas

Leadership Development

It would seem a miracle that we are embodied in this lifetime to act in the material plan. Some suggest that we do nothing but let life unfold.  It is important to realize to adopt such approach is not only incongruent as doing nothing is doing something, but it also limits the positive impact you might be able to contribute by fulfilling what you may feel is your mission.

Operating from a level of unitive awareness one can greatly enhance the capability and productivity of team, increase the capacity of individual team members and achieve more than would otherwise be possible.  Unitive leadership and collaborative activity is both the challenge and the means by which mankind will develop.  The alternative is all too obvious.  It is always the right time to collaborate, for as our friend Stephan Schwartz says if not now when and it not us who.  Perhaps we can enable collaborative leadership to be contagious.

Image by Gary Meulemans

Transmutative Power of Collaboration

The transmutative power of collaboration is important for exploring the boundaries of our knowledge.  Only through the sharing of ideas and experiences, can we expand our perspective and achieve greater collective wisdom and understanding. Collaboration creates an environment of exploration and experimentation where new ideas and approaches can emerge. Exploring the boundaries of knowledge is a journey of co-creation and discovery, where the combined strength and ideas of individuals can coalesce and ignite the spark of creativity.  Of particular importance is the resonance which results from multiple access to Implicate information. By collaboratively engaging in projects whose goals are aligned with addressing issues presently challenging the health and advancement of the human race the hope is not only will the trajectory of human evolution benefit, but more capacity will manifest by the combination of education, practice and project implementation.

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